Empire Underwriters is now a part of the novatae risk group

About Empire

Empire Underwriters (Empire) is a national insurance wholesaler, excess and surplus lines facility, and program manager. Whether you are writing a niche account or a Main Street business, Empire’s team of specialists will provide access to the markets you need to be competitive, will support you from submission through binding, and will help you keep your accounts.

The firm specializes in Alternative Workers' Compensation.

Excellent candidates for our programs include:

    • High X-Mod 1.50 to 4.00 or even higher
    • Hazardous classes including height exposure
    • Multi-State Accounts 
    • High Frequency Claims or Shock Losses 
    • New Ventures or Cancelled or Non-Renewal 
    • 10-25% Hard Dollar Cost Savings vs State Pools or Funds
    • Standalone WC or ASO
    • Premium Loss Control


Industries served Include: