Garage owners face a unique set of risks, such as damages from faulty work, damage to a customer’s vehicle while in their care, or damage to a dealer’s inventory. Whether your client works in auto or heavy truck repair, is a dealer or service center, or other type of garage business, we can tailor a program with A-rated carriers including the placement of excess and buffer layers and umbrellas.

Industries served
  • ATV / off-road vehicle sales and repair
  • Auto repair
  • Body shops
  • Dealers & service
  • Emergency vehicle sales and repair
  • Farm equipment repair
  • Heavy truck repair
  • Mobile auto repair
  • RV dealers and repair
  • Valet parking
  • Broadened coverage
  • Dealer’s errors & omissions
  • Dealer’s open lot
  • Excess limits
  • Garagekeepers’ direct primary
  • Garagekeepers’ legal liability
  • Garage liability
  • Package with inland marine or property
  • Scheduled auto

FAQs – Garage liability

What is garage liability insurance?

Garage liability insurance is risk protection for specialized businesses that have unique risks involving vehicles, such as automotive repair, car dealerships, and more. Garage liability insurance may potentially cover damages from faulty work and damage to a customer’s vehicle while in their care. Our specialists have extensive experience placing garage liability insurance and will help you and your client find the right coverage and carrier for their unique situation.

Who should buy garage liability insurance?

Any business involved with providing automotive repair services, car dealers and service centers, heavy truck repair businesses, and even valet parking businesses should consider adding garage liability insurance to their program. These unique businesses have inherent risks that require specialized protection. Garage liability insurance may help protect them should a customer file a claim or lawsuit.

What type of protection does garage liability insurance provide?

There are numerous capabilities to consider with garage liability insurance. We can help with dealer’s physical damage and open lot coverages, garage keepers’ legal liability, errors and omissions coverage, excess and buffer layers, umbrella coverages, and much more. Let us help your clients secure quality garage liability coverage to help protect their business.

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Fun Fact: In 2021, a gang of thieves stole eight high-end cars totaling $150,000 and a safe with $25,000 over the course of five hours from a car dealership in Irvington, New Jersey.(1)