Cybercrimes are at an all-time high and affect countless industries. And recovering from a data breach, ransomware attack, phishing scam, or other cyber threat can be expensive and time consuming. We can help customize a cyber & privacy liability insurance plan for your client that may potentially cover expenses for recovering compromised data, attorney fees, forensics costs, regulatory compliance, and media communications. Our specialists can explain the coverage nuances in more detail so you can help your clients protect themselves.

Industries served
  • Charities / Not for Profit
  • Construction
  • E-commerce
  • Education institutions
  • Energy
  • Financial institutions
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Professional services
  • Public entities
  • Retail
  • School districts
  • Technology developers
  • Transportation
  • Cyber crime
  • Cyber extortion/ransomware
  • Business interruption and data restoration
  • Damage to systems
  • Multimedia liability
  • Network security liability
  • Privacy liability
  • Regulatory liability incident response
  • Reputational harm
  • Social engineering

FAQs – Cyber

What is cyber & privacy liability insurance?

With a variety of coverage parts available, Cyber & Privacy liability insurance can insure against a variety of exposures including, but not limited to, fraud, extortion, social engineering, ransomware, and cybercrime. Our broad policies cover first- and third-party insuring agreements, and our brokers are experienced in navigating this fast-paced and evolving marketplace. 

What does cyber & privacy liability insurance cover?

Cyber & privacy liability insurance may help with things like expenses for recovering compromised data, costs involved with reputational harm, expenses for damage to systems, revenue reimbursement due to business interruption, and costs for legal and forensic costs. There are many other complexities surrounding cyber & privacy liability insurance and our specialists can help ensure your clients have the right protection.

What type of business should purchase cyber insurance?

Any business that uses computers or mobile devices should consider getting cyber liability coverage. Especially businesses that collect and store sensitive client data such as financial firms, healthcare institutions, charities and nonprofits, schools, retail stores, e-commerce sites, and many other industries. A cyber breach is extremely costly and time consuming. Cyber liability insurance may make a significant difference for your client’s business.

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Fun Fact: Two of the top 10 largest data breaches of U.S. companies were with Yahoo in 2013 of three billion records and 2014 of 500 million records. Both were from a hacking/intrusion breach.(1)