If your clients work in dangerous and high-hazard environments, then we can help you with high-risk workers’ compensation insurance. Our underwriters may provide coverage for new ventures, tough classes, multi-state exposures, distressed and lapsed accounts, high experience mods, and more.

We specialize in standalone workers’ compensation for staffing companies, alternative workers’ compensation, workers’ compensation for high-risk accounts, and standalone workers’ compensation for high mod, lapsed and new venture contractors. We can also help with tough or difficult-to-place risk accounts, small business owners, sole proprietors, truckers, and USL&H coverage programs.

We have relationships with many A to A++XV AM Best-rated carriers and have great success binding large and complex transactions. Whether contract binding or brokerage, let us help you and your clients secure quality coverage that protects them against unique workplace injuries. Our responsive insurance agents will provide a quote and answer your questions about high-risk workers’ compensation insurance.

Contract Binding & Brokerage

Industries Served
  • A to A++XV rated carriers by AM Best
  • Standalone workers' compensation
  • High hazard and tough classes
  • X-mods from 1.30-5.00 or higher
  • New ventures, lapsed, gaps, prior claims
  • Cancelled, non-renewed, distressed
  • Multi-state and accounts in state pools
  • Blue, gray, and white collar
  • High risk workers
  • Assigned risk pools
  • Excellent rates
  • Up to 30% lower than state pools
  • Credits available
  • Large deductible plans
  • Guaranteed cost plans
  • First dollar coverage options
  • Return of premium options
  • Zero premium deposit options
  • Pay-as-you-go options
  • Aggressive dividends
  • Aggressive claims management
  • HR services, payroll, benefit admin, PEO

FAQs – Workers compensation

What does high-risk workers’ compensation insurance cover?

High-risk workers’ compensation insurance typically focuses on higher-risk class codes, distressed or non-renewed accounts, canceled coverage or gaps in coverage, multi-state accounts, and uncommon employee injuries, medical expenses, disability benefits, and death benefits. When sourcing a brokerage firm to place your high-risk workers’ compensation business, you should look for one that has numerous quality carrier partners, large deductible options, options for X-Mods from 1.30 to 5.00 or higher, and even no premium deposit or annual audit. Some of the common industries this coverage is ideal for includes Amazon delivery, assisted living facilities, demolition, limo services, woodworkers, manufacturers, ride share companies, roofers, staffing agencies, tower work/cell sites, truckers, and warehouse workers, to name a few. There are many other complexities involved with high-risk workers’ compensation insurance that our team can explain in detail. We will help you and your client source the right coverage at the right price.

Is it possible for contractors to obtain high-risk workers’ compensation insurance?

Yes, we work with many A to A++XV rated carriers that offer standalone workers’ compensation insurance coverage for high Mod, lapsed, and new venture independent contractors. Our programs offer excellent rates, credits up to 38%, and monthly self-reporting. Some of the typical contractor classes we work with include air conditioning, building operations, carpentry, concrete, drywall, electricians, excavation, framers, HVAC, landscaping, masonry, painters, plastering, plumbing, roofers, sewer, sheet metal, sprinkler install, street and road construction, waterproofing, and many more. We will work with you and your client to ensure they receive the most competitive standalone workers’ compensation coverage at the right price for their business.

Can staffing and temp agencies obtain high-risk workers’ compensation insurance?

Yes, staffing companies can obtain standalone workers’ comp insurance. There are several A-rated carriers that we can place this business with that accept broad class codes. We offer large deductible options, aggressive claims management, first dollar coverage options, and guaranteed cost. Some of the typical classes for standalone workers’ compensation insurance include clerical class codes, medical class codes, tough class codes, blue, grey, or white collar, high X-mods, prior workers compensation claims experience, lapse in coverage, and even multi-state risks. Our team will unravel the complexities surrounding high-risk workers’ compensation insurance and help you obtain the best coverage at the right price for your clients.

What high-risk workers’ compensation insurance options are available for high-hazard accounts?

We offer many high-risk workers’ compensation insurance options for your high hazard and tough class clients, including standalone workers’ comp, guaranteed cost options, large deductible options, dividend plans, return-of-premium plans, and more. Depending on the carrier, we may offer pay-as-you-go options and zero-premium deposits. In addition, we provide exceptional claims management and loss control assistance. Whether your client is in a state pool, blue, gray or white collar, new venture, distressed or lapsed, cancelled or non-renewed, multi-state, or with X-Mods of 1.30 to 5.00, we can help. Some of the tough classes we work with regularly include assisted living, ambulances, bridge painting, chemical mixing, demolition, emergency transport, framing, freight handlers, garbage operations, in-home care, limo services, logging and woodwork, manufacturing, nursing, rideshare, roofers and solar install, sign installers, steel erectors, staffing agencies, tower climbers, towing, tree pruning, trucking, warehouses, and many more. We will simplify the complexities surrounding high-risk workers’ compensation insurance to you and your clients and ensure they receive the most competitive program for their specific business.

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Fun Fact: A Circuit City employee won ~$75K from a workers' comp claim after fracturing his hip while retrieving a co-worker’s stuck bag of chips from a vending machine.(1)